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Sunday, February 12

I'm Addicted to the Game !

Hello peeps! I have a new game that I am addicted to.
Here is the link for the game: http://www.ziddu.com/download/18580836/DrugLord2.zip.html Not to worry, the game is absolutely free :)

NB, it won;t get you hooked on drugs, but you might get hooked on the game itself :)

Tuesday, November 22

Congratulations Harimau Muda for Wiining SEA Games !

A heartfelt congratulations for Harimau Muda Squad
for winning gold for the Football SEA Games in Indonesia!

Saturday, September 17

It should be : "It means"

Malaysians always said : Its mean.
It should be : It means !

Saturday, August 27

Get your Hijrah Calendar @ http://www.kalendarhijrah.com/

Now you can get Hijrah Calendar widget here :

I have added the widget in my blog, & I suggest you do the same too :)

Saturday, August 6

Waktu Imsak Dan Berbuka Puasa Negeri-Negeri Malaysia Tahun 1432H/2011M

Here is the link to the list of the Waktu Imsak & berbuka
for all states in Malaysia for Year 2011M/1432H :


Here's wishing a blessed Ramadhan to all fellow Muslims around the world.

Saturday, July 23

Hell's Kitchen 8 - Season Winner

Reality TV cooking show, Hell's Kitchen 8, has just ended (in South East Asia anyway). In the final are Russell (from the blue team) & Nona (red team). And the winner is.... Nona!

The finalists :

Both are 29 years old, with more or less the same education & experience, so the fight was pretty fair. However, Nona has an edge. She has got wonderful taste buds! She excelled in the tasting challenges; having made a similar resemblance to the food Ramsay made, and in the blind tasting challenge.

She is consistent throughout the show, having little problems, whilst most of the time did her work well.

This is a video of her :

And these are her pictures :

Sunday, July 17

Liverpool Pawned Malaysia National Squad !

Hey there. Liverpool went to Malaysia to fight the Malaysia National Squad on 16 July 2011, as part of its pre-season Asian Tour 2011.

Well, it is to be expected for Liverpool to win (Like, d'uh). However the score just goes to show how different it is, the standard of South Easat Asian football as compared to Europe.

The final score is 6-3, after Liverpool tied to Malaysia 1-1 during the sluggish first half.

The Malaysian squad showed their determination and grit, especially with their attacks at the opponents area, but it proved a very tall order to beat one of the best European football clubs.

Even without many of their star players (Stevie, Reina) & without coach Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool is a tough nut to crack.

However, kudos to Malaysian fottball players, especially Safee Sali (Exported to Pelita Jaya FC, where he performed very well there) who scored Malaysia's second goal through a curling free kick to beat Liverpool's goalie.

Here's hoping that Malaysia Squad will improve and become one of the serious contenders of international football arena.