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Tuesday, June 28

Kudos to Immigration Malaysia for its Services!

I would like to give my heartfelt congratulations to the Immigration Department Malaysia (http://www.imi.gov.my) for its call centre services.

My call was answered almost immediately, and the questions I asked, they were answered with professionalism.

Gone were the days when the government agencies treat the people (read:rakyat) with a pinch of salt. Gone were the days when they think that they are the masters, and we have to beg them for services.

Now they have the professionalism, and they treat us, the rightful masters with respect.

If I remember correctly, it was the brainchild of the then Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, to have Pemudah, to educate & to provide necessary skills to the government servants to handle matters pertaining to the people.

I truly belive that the initiatives is paramount in churning good rapport between the government agencies & the people.

Again, kudos to Immigration Department for the way they project professionalism, and hold high regards to servicing the people.