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Monday, July 11

Pawn Stars - Deals From Hell (History Channel) Factual Error !

Pawn Stars episode Deals From Hell contains a factual error !

One customer came to to the pawn shop to sell his Keris ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kris )

The video can be bought here :

The Pawn Stars meet a man hoping to sell a several hundred-year old edition of one of the world's most hellish books--"Dante's Inferno." Will they pass through the gates of hell for this evil epic or will they be tricked by the devil? Then Rick is presented with an antique serpent shaped sword from the Philippines. Can he hold on to the twisted steal weapon or will this deal slither out of his grip? And later Corey has a chance to purchase photo rights to the late great King of Pop: Michael Jackson. Can he make a "Thriller" of a deal or will he moonwalk straight out of the negotiation.

The expert mentioned that the Kris originates from Philippines, and that it was only made there! Actually Kris is synonymous with the Nusantara (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Brunei). Kris was used as hand weapons, which can caused serious injuries due to its sharp & jagged edges.

However, Kris nowadays are kept for historical values, and used as decorations.

I mean, please do not misled others into believing something that is wrong. Not only will it distort history, it can caused people to be confused. And not to mention the reputation of the series. I mean, if the things they said were not true, how can I believe other things mentioned as well ?