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Tuesday, November 13

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It's English at its best !!
I have never ever, in my entire life, thought that a politician would have a very poor command of English . I always thought that the politicians would have impeccable English, it made English teachers in secondary school feels like a toddler .

Boy, was I surprised ! A cabinet member who can't speak proper English ? Why are you cringing ? What's with the face, bro ? That's not the worst part ! The fella, who have a lousy English, is Malaysia's Information Minister ? Now, that is crazy !!

To me, to be an Information Minister, one should above all else, aside of having the guts to stand in front of the crowd, and smiling for hours at functions (yeah, u get the idea) .. o0o0o0ops, sorry I digress ..

What I'm trying to say is that, of all people, an Information Minister must be proficient in English (aside of the national language Bahasa Melayu) as English is the widely spoken language in the world . And I'd go as far as saying that he needs to be proficient in at least 4 languages (namely Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin, and Tamil) as language is how one connects to other people . And those 4 languages that I mention above are widely spoken in Malaysia . If an Information Minister can't speak all these 4 languages, (okay, a discount, at least a good English is well enough), then does he convey the message of the Government to the masses ??

Below here is the clip of the interview between Malaysia's Information Minister and al-Jazeera reagarding the BERSIH (Rally Towards Clean& Fair Election) rally held on the 10th of November 2007 .

Here is the transcript : ( thanx to multimid @ YouTube )

Al Jazeera:: Why are protesters being sprayed with Chemical filled water?

Zainuddin Maidin : I am watching, I hear. It is not as what you have been trying to do this, to do it everywhere but in Malaysia people are laugh you, We know our Police at last have allowed this procession to go to Istana Negara you know. Do Police, First Police might be have handled them with tear gas. Police don't, don't fire anybody.

Al Jazeera: Our correspondent came back to our office with chemicals in his eyes

Zainuddin Maidin : This is the way, your idea is that what you are trying to project what is your mind, you think we are Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Your thinking

Al Jazeera: Well unfortunately when you refused to let people to protest, it does appear so

Zainuddin Maidin: That is why we are not like you. That is why you have early perception. You come here and you want to project us as like undemocratic country. This is a democratic country.

Al Jazeera: So why can't people protest then if it is a democratic country?

Zainuddin Maidin: First people protest. We are allowing protest and they have demonstrated. But when we try to disperse them, and then later when they don't want to disperse. But later our Police compromise. They have compromised and allowed then to proceed to Istana Negara. Police, our Police have succeeded in handling them gently, right? Why don't you report that and you take the opposition, someone from the opposition party, you asked him to speak and you don't take from the Government, right

Al Jazeera: Why did you not break up these protesters more peacefully?

Zainuddin Maidin: Pardon, pardon

Al Jazeera: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

Zainuddin Maidin: I can't hear you. I can't hear you.

Al Jazeera: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?

Zainuddin Maidin: No, we are, first this is illegal. We don't want, normally this demonstration.

Al Jazeera:: OK, let me return to my former question: why is the protest illegal?

Zainuddin Maidin: Yeah it is illegal. First is because (Why?) we have the election in Malaysia. No point of having a protest. We are allowing, we have an election every five years, never fail. We are not like Myanmar, not like other country. And you are helping these. You at Al Jazerra is also helping these, these forces. You know these forces who are not impatient, who don't believe in democracy

Al Jazeera: Many thanks for joining us

Funny, ain't it ? And to me, it's not only his English is bad, it is also his utter arrogance in answering the questions asked . And his sheer lack of knowledge of what is really is about
the BERSIH rally . 1 case in point : The rally was done to call for a free election,
and in replying to the question asked (Why is this protest illegal?) and this fella
answered that the rally was illegal because Govt has never failed to hold elections once every
5 years . Wtf ?? Wtf ?? Wtf ??

Let's make it clear that I'm apolitical, which means I don't support any political groups or ideologies. I am just saying what is on my mind. And calling a spade, a spade .


kaori said...

if that is the level of our minister proficiency, i should be PM now. lol.

goes to show that you need not have proper credibility to be a minister.

kissing assess and dipping bullshits is all it takes.